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Chalk Stream Headwaters

The annual VCT Chalk Stream Headwaters Forum was initiated to provide a focal point for discussion and new ideas for the management of the wellsprings of some of Europe’s most ecologically important rivers.  The first Forum was hosted by the VCT in June 2007 and brought together key stakeholders with an interest in pursuing opportunities for improved management of the upper tributaries of the Test & Itchen.

Upper Itchen Initiative

Upper Itchen Initiative

Chaired by Graham Roberts, VCT Trustee and formerly of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, the UII was formed by the VCT in response to the success of the BRI with the objective of drawing together key interest groups to identify the failings of the Upper Itchen tributaries and to set about remedying the situation.

Bourne Rivulet Initiative

Bourne Rivulet Initiative

Chaired by Dr Pete Shaw, University of Southampton, the remit of the BRI has been to identify shortcomings in the ecology of the Bourne, an important tributary of the River Test; facilitate targeted research to establish strategies to remedy them – and to set about implementing those strategies. The Initiative has been a great success, due in no small part to a highly motivated group of local riparian owners, dischargers, anglers, conservationists and representatives of the statutory bodies.

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