Riverfly Monitoring Initiative

Riverfly Monitoring Initiative

The Riverfly Partnership runs an invertebrate monitoring scheme which is of keen interest to anglers and wildlife enthusiasts alike who share a concern for the present and future health of our rivers.

The initiative is based on the counting at regular intervals of key river insect species and other invertebrate groups as a method of assessing river quality. Many insect and invertebrate species are extremely sensitive to pollution levels and therefore their numbers act as an early warning system of any potential problems.

Overgrown built dam on Askerswell stream

Assessment of Leaky Dams

This project in Dorset is led by Dr Dominic Stubbing and involves applying a well known method of holding back water by the introduction and enhancement of woody debris into the very top headwaters of a small river catchment.

The River Asker was chosen as there was already an existing group of trained  volunteers willing to help with the detailed invertebrate monitoring.

Southern Chalkstreams Project

Conserving the White-Clawed Crayfish in Hampshire

This project is currently delivering a number of measures to protect, preserve and promote the expansion of white-clawed crayfish in Hampshire.

Most recently , the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust has been working with the Bristol Zoological Society on an exciting project to rear and breed white-clawed crayfish from Hampshire in captivity, for release both at new locations in the upper Itchen catchment, and at newly established ‘ark’ sites.

Tree Sparrow

Tree Sparrow Project

The Tree Sparrow is synonymous with mixed farming landscapes and was once widespread across Wiltshire and Hampshire, but are all but lost as a breeding species in the latter. Changes to agriculture and the loss of nesting sites have driven the population’s decline, although significant efforts have been exerted in Wiltshire to help their recovery.

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School Visits

School Visits

Children discovered the wonders of the natural environment through up close and personal encounters with mini-beasts and freshwater creatures. Our visits to Vitacress Salads’ Abbotts Ann Farm ran in conjunction with Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust’s education team.

The Wonderful World of Watercress

Educational Resources

From The Wonderful World of Watercress to Chalk Rivers and Their Wildlife, download our booklets and videos to help children learn about the importance of protecting wildlife and looking after our rivers.