School Trips

School Visits

Children have been discovering the wonders of the natural environment during visits to Vitacress Salads’ Abbotts Ann Farm run in conjunction with Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust’s education team. Unfortunately we have not been able to host any visits over the last couple of years but hope to resume these during 2023.

Through some up close and personal encounters with minibeasts and freshwater creatures, we hope to inspire children to protect local wildlife for years to come.

The Wonderful World of Watercress

Educational Resources

Discover our educational resources, including The Wonderful World of Watercress which provides ‘everything you never wanted to know about watercress’! The booklet is aimed at primary school children and shows the story of watercress from how it is grown to how its history is closely linked with the Watercress Line.

You can also access Chalk Rivers and Their Wildlife, a video supported by the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust. This video is a great educational aid for teachers or adults looking to teach about the importance of protecting wildlife and looking after our rivers.

VCT Lecture 2015

VCT Lectures

The Annual Environment Lecture was established in 2007 to undertake research and analysis into wildlife associated with chalk streams and habitats associated with watercress and other salad crops.

We have welcomed a range of respected guest lecturers over the years, with an aim to broaden public interest in these habitats and the broader issues of sustainability.

Webinars coming soon

Chalk Stream Activities

Join Dr Martin Burton as he explores the activities taking place along the river Itchen, from traditional repairs to new methods of conservation.

Discover our Projects…

Riverfly Monitoring Initiative

Riverfly Monitoring Initiative

The Riverfly Partnership runs an invertebrate monitoring scheme which is of keen interest to anglers and wildlife enthusiasts alike who share a concern for the present and future health of our rivers.

Southern Chalkstreams Project

Southern Chalkstreams Project

The Southern Chalkstreams Project is currently delivering a number of measures to protect, preserve and promote the expansion of white-clawed crayfish in Hampshire.